The Comprehensive Dedoose User Guide


Dedoose is an easy-to-use, collaborative, web based application that facilitates all types of research data management and analysis.
Here's what you need to know about how to use it.

Download full User Guide here:


Download full User Guide here:


Screen Reader Compatibility

Dedoose supports MSAA (Microsoft Active Accessibility) for screen readers. Any MSAA compatible screen readers will work with the application.

Citing Dedoose

Here is how to cite Dedoose in any manuscript, proposal, report, presentation or anywhere else it is appropriate to cite the tools you've used:

Dedoose Version 8.0.35, web application for managing, analyzing, and presenting qualitative and mixed method research data (2018). Los Angeles, CA: SocioCultural Research Consultants, LLC

The version number and year in the example above is shown in bold and italicized text as a reminder to please use the most updated version and year at the time of your publication. The version number is noted in the URL when you log into Dedoose and use the year for which you have needed the citation. See the example below:

Finally, we always love to receive copies of anything you produce with a Dedoose citation so we can highlight your work on our website or other social media. Feel free to send them our way anytime!