Data Sets


Dedoose 8.1 Patch Notes:

Description: Dedoose 8.1 is finally here, and with it new features! Check out a breakdown of the changes with our patch notes!

Pivot Tables


Description: Pivot Tables are awesome but how do you use them? Run through an example with Dedoose Support!

Analyze This! Analyze Workspace Basics and Your Text Analysis


Description: Understanding icons and controls in graphs, charts, and plots.

Resource Round Up: Quick Tips

Description: Check our our latest Quick Tips video series in our first ever Resource Round Up!

Code Systems are Serious Business


Description: At Dedoose, we take the business of developing code systems very seriously, and we aren’t the only ones. A quick Google search for ‘coding qualitative data’ yielded about 1.1M hits and ‘qualitative code system development’ landed me about 12M hits.

Backing Up and Managing Your Data

Description: Backing Up and Managing Your Data - This blog is all about keeping your data safe, accessible and easy to find. We cover a few different methods of exporting your data for local storage, as well as some advice on naming files, come check it out!

3 Mixed Methods Approaches to Consider For Your Qualitative Data Analysis

Description: Here, we explore 3 simple mixed methods approaches to add to your qualitative data analysis within Dedoose. Click "Read More" to learn the details.

Dedoose: A Refresher for Education Researchers


Description: Technology has become a double-edged sword that has opened more points of access for our research, yet collecting, organizing and sifting through these data has remained unrefined and inefficient. The answer to this newfound challenge? Dedoose!

Sentiment Analysis and Code Weighting in Dedoose - What Can It do for You?

Description: Sentiment analysis is a great example of taking advantage of the Dedoose code weighting/rating system. This is a feature of Dedoose that allows you to bring a new dimension to your database and open up a range of analysis perspectives.

Setting Up Your Project Data: The Dedoose Quick Start Guide

Description: A guide to making the most of your qualitative research data within Dedoose. We go over tricks for importing your data, setting up codes, descriptors and media, as well tips to help get your research data integrated and analyzed using Dedoose.

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