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Article: Sentiment Analysis and Code Weighting in Dedoose - What Can It do for You?

Code weighting in Dedoose can be used in many different ways and we’ve seen some incredible creativity of how this has been used in the Dedoose user community. Using the weight system to analyze sentiment rating is one example of a frequently used approach .

Basically, the code weighting feature allows you to not just apply a code to an excerpt, but also apply a value that represents some dimension. On the surface, it appears you are simply applying a number, but this number can represent anything based on your definition.

An example in sentiment weighting analysis might be that you use a 1 to 5 scale to represent how positive some is evaluating something where 1=‘Very Negative’ and 5 = ‘Very Positive.’ But this is only one simple example. These scales can represent importance, quality, strength of conviction …anything you can overlay on a numerical dimension. Wherever the weight system can be employed, you can explore entirely unique dimensions in your data and do some very cool things analytically. So use your imagination and think about how you can use this great Dedoose feature to look more deeply into your data.