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ARTICLES - Dedoose Upgrades and Updates

Complete PDF Support Here in Version 8

Description: Dedoose 8 is on the horizon, and we couldn’t be more excited! One of the biggest improvements with Dedoose 8 is how we import and code PDF’s. Let’s take a closer look and go over the steps involved in importing and working with a PDF.

New Features in Dedoose 8: Descriptor Auto Link!

Description: Looking to speed up linking descriptors to your media? Dedoose has you covered! Now with version 8 is the new Auto Link button at the bottom of the Descriptors tab.

Dedoose 8.1: Changes to the Account Work Space

Description: Dedoose 8.1 introduced a complete rework of the Account Workspace. Click the Account button and follow this blog to explore your new administrative capabilities!

Dedoose 8.1: New Charts and Other Improvements

Description: Explore your new quantitative possibilities with new charts added in 8.1 in this blog!

Dedoose 8.1 Patch Notes:

Description: Dedoose 8.1 is finally here, and with it new features! Check out a breakdown of the changes with our patch notes!

New Features in Dedoose 8: Filtering Via the Excerpts Tab Page

Description: This set of blogs covers the new features for our upcoming release of Dedoose 8! Today we cover new Data Set controls, which allow you to filter your data right in the Excerpts Workspace!

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