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Article: Resource Round Up: Quick Tips

Hi Dedoosers, today we are rounding up some resources that will undoubtedly be useful for many. For our first 'Resource Round Up,' we will be bringing you our latest Quick Tips video series. This series focuses on easy but criminally underused functions in Dedoose. The first of our Quick Tips videos focuses on linking descriptors to media. Normally, this is done manually by locating descriptors linked to media and establishing the link manually (unless you are using the survey importer, in which case this is all skipped). As of Dedoose 8.0 however, you are able to establish these links automatically given proper set up of the Excel file outlined below:

Descriptor Auto Link

The second of our Quick Tips videos focuses on changing descriptor field types. Whenever you import a spreadsheet, Dedoose automatically creates descriptor fields and populates them with the data in the Excel file. Normally this suffices, but if you’d like to run a different type of analysis for your descriptor field or if your descriptor field was mislabeled, it is super easy to fix as of Dedoose 8.1: Changing Descriptor Field Types

Changing Descriptor Field Types

Last in our roundup is Coding Blind by Default. Most users code blind by setting up a Data Set filter that blinds them from everyone else, however as a project administrator you can render any number of users unable to see coding that is not their own automatically: Coding Blind by Default

Coding Blind by Default

We hope many of you find this useful. If you have any questions or suggestions for new blogs or round ups, let us know via email at [email protected]!;