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Article: Dedoose 8.1: Changes to the Account Work Space

Hey out there Dedoosers! Dedoose version 8.1 is now LIVE! We’ve got quite a few changes and additions to go over with our new build of our application and in this blog we’ll be discussing the new and improved Account work space.


For some time now, we’ve been aware that our Account work space left a few things to be desired. We’ve done some work to improve that area of the application to give our users more information and more control over their accounts. What used to be one single tab is now four, making it easier to know who is a part of your account group, what projects there are, your billing history and a bevy of new controls for security.

The first of these four new tabs probably looks the most familiar. We’ve always had a grid representing the users in your group in the Account work space, now it’s just the first of the four tabs. We have some controls here for adding users, changing the information of one of your users, removing users and seeing the project that user has access to. Only the admin of a group can add, edit, remove or view the projects a user has access to.

Moving on to the next tab, we have the Account Projects tab. This tab is solely for group admins and will display all the projects created by any user in the group as well as the amount of audio and video data contained in those projects and the associated monthly cost for storing that data.

One more tab to the right and we find ourselves in the Billing tab. Here you are able to review past charges and payments as well as make payments. While we are always happy to discuss the details of your Account should you have any questions, it’s our hope that this transparency over the charges and payments will help everyone know what happened when and why. We’ve also added functions to export the charges and payments so you can keep local records of your Account with Dedoose.

Our fourth and final new tab is possibly the most important. We take security seriously, and in that spirit, we’ve added some features to make your Dedoose Account far more secure. These controls can be manipulated by the group admin to make the group adhere to stricter password protocols when the extra security is required. We now have toggles for Two Factor authentication, maximum and minimum length, maximum password age, whether the password will require characters, symbols, uppercase letters or numbers. We also included, by popular demand, a function to control the idle timeout. By default, and for all the years before now, the idle timer is/was fifteen minutes. Now this is something you can customize to your needs, or restrict for your group’s security.

That’s just the beginning! We have more new features to cover as we roll out Dedoose 8.1 and we couldn’t be more excited to show them all! Keep an eye out for future blogs covering everything we’ve added to Dedoose to make it the best research tool we can, and let us know what you think. Most of the features and quality of life improvement we’ve implemented come straight from our users, so keep those ideas coming! Here at support we are always happy to listen to any comments, suggestions or concerns you may have, forward all of it to and help us create a better application. You may just find yourself in possession of a little Bruce the Dedoose Moose to take on your travels and click pictures of.

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