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MiniBlog: The Home Tab


Description: A Mini-Blog all about the Dedoose Home Workspace, serving not only as a "portal" to project, but also giving you a top-down view of how things are starting to look.

Dedoose 8.1: Changes to the Account Work Space


Description: Dedoose 8.1 introduced a complete rework of the Account Workspace. Click the Account button and follow this blog to explore your new administrative capabilities!

Analyzing Your Open-Ended Survey Data


Description: Find out how to analyze your qualitative survey data by using the Code Co-Occurrence chart.

Analyzing Focus Group Data


Description: Having trouble getting your focus group data to make sense in Dedoose? This blog's for you!

Data Collection Pt 2, Inputting Descriptor Data


Description: Our second installment of our Data Collection series, we're going over the steps to input the data we gathered in a way that's organized and meaningful.

Announcing: Project Specific Encryption Capabilities in Dedoose

Description: Data security has always been paramount at Dedoose. We are proud to introduce our new feature, Project Specific Encryption, which allows you to designate an encryption key only you know to specific projects.

Lose the Mouse -- Announcing the New Dedoose Quick Code Widget

Description: Introducing the Quick Code Widget, allowing users to maximize efficiency when coding their text documents via Keyboard Shortcuts

Audio and PDF Support!


Description: Its been just one month after announcing video support and I couldn’t be more excited to share some outstanding new Dedoose developments.

MiniBlog: Sprucing Up Your Code Tree


Description: Learn how to make your code tree export easier to digest visually with this blog!

Updated Dedoose Support Video Tutorials! Part 1: Qualitative and Mixed Methods


Description: As the new year rings in, we are beginning to update all of the old Dedoose Tutorial videos to include the latest User Interface, and most importantly… CLOSED CAPTIONS!

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