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ARTICLES - Dedoose in the Field

Dedoose in the Field - Sociology: Matt Rafalow

Description: Meet avid Dedoose user Matt, who is using Dedoose to affect change in a positive way!

Dedoose in the Field: Exploring Computer Science

Description: ECS attempts to open Computer Science education to include a diversity of multiple perspectives.

Dedoose in the Field: Educational Linguistics - Maneka Brooks

Description: Meet Maneka, currently using Dedoose in her project, "Investigating the Literacy Practices of English Learners"

Dedoose in the Field: Geography - Ben Spigel

Description: Meet Ben Spigel, currently using Dedoose to finish off his dissertation in the field of Geography at the University of Toronto.

Dedoose in the Field: Sociology and Education - Sara Goldrick-Rab

Description: Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab is an awesome Dedoose user who just testified before Congress last week about college affordability.

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