The Dedoose Team


Eli Headshot

Eli Lieber

Ph.D., Co-Founder, CEO

Principal Research Fellow, Institute for Mixed Methods Research

Dr. Lieber’s professional career focuses on developing and implementing strategies and solutions for effectively and efficiently conducting integrated (mixed methods) research. Initially trained as a quantitative psychologist specializing in social-cognitive development and measurement, his post-doctoral training and subsequent work have included teaming with colleagues from a wide range of social science disciplines. The results of this experience—expertise in both quantitative and qualitative methods—have proven ideal for his present focus on integrated methods and research design. In particular, he has earned a sterling reputation for developing creative strategies to maximize the use of technology in social science research—his contributions to the development of Dedoose being one primary outcome.

Dr. Lieber’s research interests center on socio-cultural impacts on disease transmission and prevention, Asian and Asian immigrant family experiences, literacy development, children with Type 1 diabetes and their families, social cognitive development, parenting, the general adaptation of families to the challenges of immigration in a modernizing world, and the use of technology in qualitative and mixed methods research. He received his B.A. in Psychology from California State University, Northridge (1988) and his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana (1996). He currently holds the position of Associate Research Psychologist and Co-Director of the Fieldwork and Qualitative Data Research Laboratory, Semel Institute, UCLA. Never one accused of being lazy, beyond work you’ll find Action Man Eli fixing things around the house, cycling, playing, coaching, or refereeing soccer, serving as board of trustees member for Vistamar School, skiing, or cooking (and eating) with his lovely family and friends.

Thomas Headshot"

Thomas S. Weisner

Ph.D. and Co-Founder

Dr. Weisner is an internationally-recognized leader in the systematic application of mixed methods in the social sciences. His research interests focus on culture and human development, medical, psychological and cultural studies of families and children at risk, mixed methods research, and evidence-based policy studies. Working for decades with multi-disciplinary groups, Dr. Weisner has made major contributions to the development of methods for the study of families and children in context. Key to this work was his contribution to the development of the Ecocultural Family Interview for understanding the everyday routine of family life – a mixed methods approach.

Dr. Weisner’s research includes studies in Kenya, Hawaii, and the U.S. He has studied sibling caretaking of children, families with children with disabilities, countercultural families and children, working poor families and children, and early literacy in Head Start programs. He is co-author of Higher Ground: New Hope for the Working Poor and Their Children (2007), with Greg Duncan and Aletha Huston; co-editor of Making it work: Low-wage employment, family life and child development (2006), with Hiro Yoshikawa & Edward Lowe; editor of Discovering successful pathways in children's development: New methods in the study of childhood and family life (2005); and co-editor of African families and the crisis of social change (1997), with Candice Bradley and Phil Kilbride. In addition, he has published some 150 research papers, chapters, and reviews. He received his B.A. in Anthropology from Reed College (1965) and Ph.D. from Harvard University (1973). He is currently Professor Emeritus, Departments of Anthropology and Psychiatry (Semel Institute) at UCLA. While none of us expect he’ll fully ‘retire’ anytime soon, Tom is finding great joy away from work with his wife traveling and spending time with their four grandchildren.

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Jason Taylor

Chief Technology Wizard, Co-Founder

Jason has been with Dedoose since before its inception as the developer of the first web application release of Dedoose’s predecessor, EthnoNotes. In the past, Jason has worked on a wide variety of technical projects including software applications, web applications, robotics and automation, … Basically, if it can run code, he has coded it. He often says 'Nothing is impossible, it's just a matter of time', and, so far, he’s been good to his word through his regular demonstration of fantastic ‘agile’ development. A brilliant problem solver, Jason’s creativity, consumer of all technology development trends, and tremendous skill-set is fundamental to Dedoose being so very awesome now and in how it will continue to evolve.

Away from work Jason likes to ride his dirt bike, take his 4Runner WAY off-road, or just hang out with his dogs while fishing at a scenic and peaceful lake. With his always curious mind and, ‘I can do whatever I put my mind to’ attitude, it’s never a surprise to hear how he’d spent the weekend remodeling his kitchen, re-building his boat’s engine, or camping in the remote wilderness. Long ago, the ‘Hey Jason, can we do this with Dedoose?’ question, turned into the ‘I know nobody has ever done this, but how long before we can do this with Dedoose?’ question. The Dedoose user community will never fully appreciate how well they are taken care of with Jason at the technology helm.

Michelle Headshot

Michelle Salmona

Consultant Trainer

Michelle Salmona came to Dedoose in early 2016 with over ten years of experience in training the use of Qualitative Data Analysis Software (QDAS) using NVivo. Michelle also serves as President of the Institute for Mixed Methods Research (IMMR) and as Adjunct Professor at the University of Canberra, Australia. With her background as a project management professional and senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy, United Kingdom, Michelle is a specialist in qualitative and mixed methods research design and analysis. Her research focus is to better understand how to support doctoral student success and strengthen the research process through the successful use of technology; and build data-driven decision making capacity in the corporate world. Michelle’s tremendous network of professional colleagues and bright personality is invaluable to Dedoose’s movement into new places and uptake by new audiences.

Away from Dedoose, Michelle and her husband work hard enjoying life as they ‘summer’ their way into retirement. Northern Hemisphere summers are spent enjoying time kayaking and swimming at their Michigan lake house. As Fall arrives, they jaunt Down Under to work and play in the Southern Hemisphere summer at their Canberra apartment and visiting with her folks and friends in Sydney. They’ve definitely got it worked out to work (yuck) as needed, but do it with lovely lakes, oceans, kayaks, bicycles, and an occasional Aussie ‘Burger with the Lot’ (yum).

Jose Headshot

Jose Gamez

Support Specialist

If Jose has ever had a difficulty in life or work, none of us on the team would ever know it. Seriously this guy is a rock that looks like a joyful emoji, always smiling, laughing, and having a great time. His gentle personality, patience, and extremely pleasant manner make him ideal for his role on our customer support team. He may not be a chatter bug, but he will get support tickets finished faster than you can refresh the page and all while putting a smile on the customers faces. Amazing how often we have Dedoose users approach us at conferences and other events just to share their positive experiences with Jose. His propensity for helping people and his intense focus on the acquisition of knowledge made him a natural fit for Team Dedoose. Whether working with users directly or drafting many of our support guides and other resources, Jose is constantly trying to place himself in our users’ shoes to assure his work will be of real value to the broader Dedoose user and research community.

Jose is a Los Angeles native who graduated from Occidental College with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Russian. When not assisting Dedoose users or looking for other creative ways to use Dedoose, Jose enjoys video games (there are fierce battles off-hours among many of the Dedoose technical team), following the stock market, and playing the bass. Have a question about using Dedoose, Jose is your man!

Kurt Headshot'

Kurt Lautenbach

Support Specialist

Kurt often describes himself as ‘the man of many hats’, which is only slightly ironic since he despises actually wearing hats. With 18 years of customer service in a myriad of fields, Kurt is at his very best when helping people. Joining the Dedoose team in late 2017, his education in literature might seem out of place, but his desire to learn is nearly insatiable. What he lacks in technical experience he more than makes up for with passion, focus and careful consideration. With his engaging demeanor and incredibly loud laugh, Kurt brings a unique and welcome levity to every situation.

Being the son of an Air Force officer, he’s often heard joking, “I don’t have a ‘from’”, although for over 15 years has lived in Los Angeles. Outside of the office, Kurt is an avid reader of science fiction, old and new, and like most the rest of the staff, a consummate video gamer. When not plugged into a book or a screen, you can often find him tearing up pool tables and enjoying local craft beers.

Dominic Headshot

Dominic Perren


Dominic has been a part of Dedoose since before Dedoose was known as Dedoose. Most of his work on our team has been related to his tremendous contributions to our web development, but he is also key in making sure the team stays in good spirits with his happy attitude and sense of humor.

Known among his friends as the ‘Filibuster,’ Dominic has a ‘special’ penchant for side-tracking conversations that start about a single pixel difference on a web page and then, just five minutes later, debating the virtues of a Socialist Roman republic. When not coding, Dominic can be found out the desert dirt biking, off-roading, or dancing with ferocious and unabashed spirit while howling at the moon in Jawbone Canyon.

Ioakim Headshot

Ioakim Boutakidis

Ph. D., Consultant and Mixed Method Visionary

Dr. Boutakidis is associate professor of Child and Adolescent Studies at California State University, Fullerton. His research focuses primarily on ethnic minority youth and academic achievement, including examination of the roles of attitudinal, attributional, and socio-structural variables. He is currently working to reduce achievement gaps and graduation rate differentials at the university that negatively affect traditionally under-represented youth. Most recently, he accepted the position of Associate Dean of Student Success where he’ll bring his wisdom, intellect, and delightful personality to work in the service of students beyond those simply taking his courses.

He has used mixed methods design and analyses and believes in the power of these approaches to reveal patterns and processes not apparent when quantitative or qualitative approaches are used alone. He has conducted numerous workshops, trainings, and consultations on mixed methods designs with faculty across various disciplines as well as public service and community organizations. He deeply believes in doing research the right way and keeping to the highest ethical standards. These principles help guide him in his service on his university's Institutional Review Board, which must approve all research proposals from the campus before they can begin. A bright and creative thinker about all aspects of his work, Ioakim is a valuable contributor to our brain-storming about Dedoose development and how it can best serve the evolving social science research community. A dedicated father and husband, Ioakim loves to travel, research and enjoy sporting the glorious pieces among his watch collection, and find his way through the world of delicious foods, coffees, and wines.