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All new accounts are free for 1 month, no payment information is required to sign up and work during that time.
Following the free month:

  • A single user account is charged $14.95USD per month the account is active.
  • Small groups of 2-5 users are charged $12.95USD per active user per month.
  • Large groups of 6 or more users are charged $10.95USD per user per month. NOTE: This is not based on activity, but the total number of users.

Dedoose also offers enterprise services such as OAuth, SAML, ADFS, Enhanced Auditing, as well as onsite installations. Contact Dedoose [email protected] for more information regarding our Enterprise services.

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E-Mail: [email protected]

Telephone: (866) 680-2928

Fax: (866) 580-3837

Student Rate

The individual student rate is $10.95USD per month. Email [email protected] with your username and student status to lock in your discount