Data Sets


Importing and Analyzing Twitter Data with Dedoose!

Description: Dedoose is an amazing tool you can use for analyzing all types of data, and today we will import and do some basic analytics with Twitter data! Check out this step by step guide to import your twitter data!

Data Collection Pt 2, Inputting Descriptor Data

Description: Our second installment of our Data Collection series, we're going over the steps to input the data we gathered in a way that's organized and meaningful.

Our Next Blog Series! Data Collection Pt 1

Description: As we all know too well, data analysis cannot be done without the data! In this new blog series, we will be going over the process we followed to set up and analyze a project related to speeches from and related to the EU.

Analyzing Your Open-Ended Survey Data


Description: Find out how to analyze your qualitative survey data by using the Code Co-Occurrence chart.

MiniBlog: Sprucing Up Your Code Tree


Description: Learn how to make your code tree export easier to digest visually with this blog!

Dedoose in the Field: Geography - Ben Spigel


Description: Meet Ben Spigel, currently using Dedoose to finish off his dissertation in the field of Geography at the University of Toronto.

Dedoose in the Field: Exploring Computer Science


Description: ECS attempts to open Computer Science education to include a diversity of multiple perspectives.

Dedoose in the Field - Sociology: Matt Rafalow


Description: Meet avid Dedoose user Matt, who is using Dedoose to affect change in a positive way!

Dedoose in the Field: Educational Linguistics - Maneka Brooks


Description: Meet Maneka, currently using Dedoose in her project, "Investigating the Literacy Practices of English Learners"

Dedoose in the Field: Sociology and Education - Sara Goldrick-Rab


Description: Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab is an awesome Dedoose user who just testified before Congress last week about college affordability.

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