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Making the Most Out of Memos in Your Research

Description: As the “core stage of grounded theory methodology” (Glaser 1998), memoing is instrumental in developing codes systems directly from your data.

Free Webinar: Teaching Qualitative Analysis Concepts with Dedoose

Description: A webinar discussing the practical approach to using Dedoose in the classroom

Updating Your Information in Dedoose

Description: Personal info can change periodically. Make sure to keep your info updated in Dedoose!

Trouble Logging into Dedoose? Use This Link:

Description: Are you having trouble finding Dedoose? Try this link!

Updated Dedoose Support Video Tutorials! Part 1: Qualitative and Mixed Methods

Description: As the 2017 rings in, we are beginning to update all of the old Dedoose Tutorial videos to include the latest User Interface, and most importantly… CLOSED CAPTIONS!

Updated Dedoose Support Video Tutorials! Part 2: Code Setup


Description: Here we discuss getting started from a shell in Dedoose, and how to approach creating, editing and using a code system, brought to you by our very own Eli Lieber of UCLA.

Importing Data into Dedoose! An Easy Way to Enter Your Data

Description: Learn more here about formatting and other suggestions we have when preparing to import your data to a Dedoose project. You can import your data from practically any qualitative or quantitative data software on the market or from simple spreadsheets.

Dedoose Multi-Survey Importer: From Excel to a Fully Populated Dedoose Project in Seconds

Description: Scan your files, create descriptor sets and fields, create code systems and link appropriate documents AUTOMATICALLY using your valid Excel data file with the new Dedoose Multi-Survey Importer! This post shows you how to get started today.

Dedoose Fall 2014 Update--Great New Features to Enjoy

Description: We've implemented a few performance enhancements, notably in our import and iconography engines, but we think one new particular feature will make Dedoose stand out a little more in the research app field.. Keep on reading to find out what it is!!

Who Cares? - Sentiment Weighting and Qualitative Text Analysis

Description: Qualitative text analysis is far more effective when not only are codes/themes applied to tag and subsequently count meaningful content or words/phrases, but when the ‘value’ of each application is further is tracked and understood

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