Data Sets


Analyze This! Analyze Workspace Basics and Your Text Analysis


Description: Understanding icons and controls in graphs, charts, and plots.

Access Groups and You

Description: 5/19/2015 Teamwork is central to our research souls here at Dedoose and, accordingly, facilitating collaborative research will always be central to our mission.

Analyze This! Analyze Workspace Basics and Your Text Analysis


Description: The Dedoose Analyze Workspace can be overwhelming. Here are some starter tips and tricks to help.

Conducting a Qualitative Data Analysis in Dedoose: Top 5 Time-Saving Tips for New Users

Description: We asked our user community to share ideas they wished they were aware of when they first started with Dedoose. Here are some of the best we heard.

Storage Metrics: Easily Tracking Team Video and Audio Data in Dedoose

Description: Our new report in Dedoose lets administrators easily track costs of individual users in larger groups.

Descriptors in Dedoose: The How-To Series


Description: Descriptors can be confusing for new researchers. Learn how to get your descriptors up to par!

Descriptors and Your Qualitative Data Analysis – Part 1: The Lingo

Description: It seems that there is often confusion about descriptors – what they are and how to use them in your mixed methods or qualitative data analysis.

Dedoose Multi-Survey Importer: From Excel to a Fully Populated Dedoose Project in Seconds

Description: Scan your files, create descriptor sets and fields, create code systems and link appropriate documents AUTOMATICALLY using your valid Excel data file with the new Dedoose Multi-Survey Importer! This post shows you how to get started today.

Announcing Dedoose Version 4.12!

Description: Our most current release of Dedoose (Version 4.12) includes a brand new User Interface and several other user requested features, most notably is our beautiful revamp of the main menu bar. Check out more details in this post!

Dedoose Update---Significant Data Recovery Successful! How to Save a Project Locally!


Description: We discuss updates in data recovery, as well as how to go about saving your project and data locally as an extra security measure.

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