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Article: Training Resources: Project Creation PowerPoint

Hi everybody, today we have a miniblog to share a resource we recently generated and are finding invaluable in our training/demos. The PowerPoint file below walks you through creating a project in one of two methods; the traditional import and the survey import. Now, the PowerPoint file does a good job of explaining the differences between both, but we’ll touch on the difference just in case.

Creating a project

Traditional importing is the method you are most likely accustomed to. This involves importing your media files individually or groups at a time, adding descriptor data, then linking it together. If you do not have any descriptor data, then traditional importing would be the only option for getting started with your project. Survey importing involves you having both qualitative and quantitative data in an Excel file, importing it in one step, and moving from there. This method is the easiest, however if your data does not lend itself to being in an Excel file, this will not be an option. Pick up our PowerPoint presentation for your own use or to teach others here!