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Article: MiniBlog: Sprucing Up Your Code Tree

Hi Dedoosers, today we are going to be doing something cool with one of the exports available to you from your project! Specifically, we will be making your code list more visually digestible. Let’s get to it! Before anything, we grab that code export!

  1. Click the Home tab
  2. Go to your code list on the bottom left
  3. Click the Show Actions Panel
  4. Click Export Codes
  5. Follow the onscreen steps, making sure to select Excel format

Now, let's get to the fun part!

First, we are going to apply a colorful icon set based on Depth to make the different levels in your code list clearly distinguishable.

  1. Open the file in Excel
  2. Highlight the “Depth” column
  3. Click Home at the top
  4. Click Conditional Formatting
  5. Hover over Icon Sets
  6. Click More Rules
  7. Select the icon style with 4 colored circles
  8. Click Reverse Icon Order
  9. Click Ok

Now that it’s done, we are going to group all families under their respective parent codes to compact your code list and make it easy to switch between a top-level code focus to a more granular per code level.

  1. Highlight all the rows under a family
  2. Click Data at the top
  3. Click Group at the top

Once that is completed, all you need to do to collapse the tree is to click the minus sign and you are good to go! Need a little review on using Dedoose? Our biweekly webinars are a great way to get up to speed on how to use Dedoose to preform your analysis! Check out the events page to see when they are and get the link to register: Questions, comments or suggestions? We’d love to hear them! Send us your thoughts at!