Dedoose Pricing


Dedoose pricing varies depending on the size of your group—please see below for rates that are based on a per-user basis. Also note that for all users (regardless of group size) the first month cycle of use is free. Dedoose 'month' cycles run from the account's creation date until the same day of the following month (e.g. May 6th to June 6th)—not calendar months.


Dedoose Individual Pricing Plans



Per Active Month

Dedoose Small Group Pricing Plans

Small Group (2-5 users)


Per Active User Per Month

Dedoose Student Pricing Plans



Per Active Month
with valid student ID

Dedoose Large Group Pricing Plans

Large Group (6+ users)


Per User Per Month


The system automatically handles the plans for each billing cycle based on the number of users in the account

Dedoose Enterprise Pricing Available

Enterprise Packages

This option is best suited for larger groups who desire or demand that their data be stored on their own servers, or who wish to have all Dedoose services be deployed on a local and closed network.

Deploying any of these packages requires a minimum three-year commitment and a one-time setup fee. The nature and complexity of these enterprise packages vary depending on the needs of the particular institution or organization. Costs are based on the number of users and start at the equivalent of 500 subscribed users. These packages are purchased annually and include a dedicated account manager and 5 hours of consulting with our CEO, Dr. Eli Lieber.