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Our Next Blog Series! Data Collection pt 1


Data analysis software can be an invaluable tool in uncovering the mysteries hiding in your data. As we all know too well however, data analysis cannot be done without the data! In this new blog series, we will be going over the process we followed to set up and analyze a project. First things first, let’s go over our starting conditions.

  1. We will make the focus of our study public statements from the EU and US
  2. All data needs to be publicly accessible
  3. We should have close ended/categorical data to be able to group our data

These starting conditions ensured that our project and results could be shared publicly and allow us to define well within the Dedoose system.

Check out our article, “Our Next Blog Series! Data Collection Pt. 1” for a full overview.

Are you interested in a particular data collection method or project set up type? Please let us know, we’d love to make a blog for it! Any other comments, suggestions or concerns are very welcome as well. Our users are our most powerful resource, keep those ideas coming!

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