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UPDATE: Converting Video & Audio For Data Analysis


As much as our Tech Support team loves helping our loyal customers, there's one thing we love even more: Saving you Time!

While uploading and integrating audio or video to Dedoose is as simple as one could ask for, one area we still hear people having issues with is converting video and audio into a Dedoose-friendly format.  Although we addressed the issue a few years ago in our original Converting Video and Audio For Your Qualitative Data Analysis post, we realize it has been a few years, and it's not only Dedoose that has matured as the years have gone by of course.  Our list of Dedoose-friendly tools and utilities has as well!

Although we previously pointed users towards Miro Video Converter, an amazing video & audio converter developed by the Participatory Culture Foundation, we've seen some difficulty in availability of the software, and haven't seen much in updates to the software itself.  Nowadays, our tech team has become quite attached to a new video conversions software (well, new to us anyway!), Any Video Converter, or AVC for short.

To learn more about AVC and Dedoose, check out our full article here.;