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Teaching a Class and want to use Dedoose?



Dedoose can be useful for a variety of courses and purposes across disciplines, including:

  • Qualitative analysis concepts
  • Research methods
  • Mixed methods
  • Dissertation or thesis preparation
  • Various other topical classes where a ‘study tool’ like Dedoose can be valuable in the management and organization of information

Why should you use Dedoose when teaching anything related to qualitative or mixed methods?

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By its very nature, Dedoose is easy and inexpensive to implement.  Being cloud-based, Dedoose is: Key characteristics include its Our users say it’s a natural choice:

  • Platform and machine independent—connect from anywhere and get working
  • Inherently collaborative—work in groups, as a class, or just monitor student’s work…seamlessly!
  • Budget friendly
  • Nothing to install, maintain, upgrade—the latest is always in your hands
  • Intuitively designed—super gentle learning curve, so students are up and running fast.

Check out this webinar recording on Teaching with Dedoose!

  • Advice on setting up a syllabus with Dedoose
  • Ideas for projects and exercises from our staff and from our users
  • Successful strategies for organizing classroom-wide projects
  • How to set up your classroom account with Dedoose
  • Tips on teaching methods, research topics, and the demanding dissertation.

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