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Intuitive / Visual

Easy to learn and use, Dedoose has a clean user-experience focused interface to maximize comfort and your ability to capitalize on all its functionality. Don’t mistake ease of use with lack of power or features. No, no, no, ease of use means exactly the opposite. Staying keenly tuned (and always listening) to our users is what we rely on when designing new features and the overall interface. Our ambitions here are to place the most complex and powerful features in your hands with the clarity and comfort you need to take full advantage of them. Intuitive in Dedoose is also expressed through visualization. Central to Dedoose Analytics are the many interactive data visualizations. These visualizations are designed to help you quickly find and explore hidden patterns in your data and then drill in beneath the surface of the visuals to get at the rich underlying meaning in the associated qualitative content. If ‘seeing is believing’ and ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ then you are going to love this part of Dedoose and will quickly see how valuable the visualizations can be in both your analysis and presentation of research findings.

Web-Based / Accessible

Triple ‘A’s’ Baby! Anytime, Anywhere, Any Internet connected device—the ultimate in data availability. In the super-safe web-based Dedoose environment, you can access your data anywhere and on any platform. Gone are the days of worrying about system compatibility or version control as you work with your data over time and coordinating with the others with whom you work. Remember needing to change file names every time you revised a file or needing to do that AND password protect a file before sending to a colleague? Web-Based and Accessible—Dedoose has you covered because the already protected file you are logging into IS the most recent version of your database.

Outstanding Support

Caring for our user community is, short of protecting your data, THE most important thing we do at Dedoose. How and why we do this is fundamental to who we are. We pride ourselves in being timely, thorough, and generous in our support. The many online supports for Dedoose users like our User Guide and Blog are rich with step-by-step guidance on how to use Dedoose and there are plenty of tips and suggestions on how to make the most of Dedoose features. Then there is our goal to make sure responding to email and phone requests for assistance are addressed with great speed and great style—it’s easy when you really adore your community. And, beyond that, we are experienced researchers ready to help you address methodological questions beyond just doing your work in Dedoose. Yes, we want you to love Dedoose as much as we do, but we really want you to use it well because when you do, you are happier, the work you produce is of higher quality, and everyone wins. Try us, ask around, if we took the space to share all the warm and thoughtful expressions of appreciation that come to us from our community we’d run out of bytes.


Hey! We bank online too. Data security is the number one concern at Dedoose. So, staying at the forefront of and implementing the best encryption technologies is paramount to our efforts to keep your data safe and available. And our patent pending project specific encryption is as safe as it gets for anyone needing the ultimate in data privacy. Furthermore, we do nightly back-ups on all your data, so you have no worries about hard drives crashing or leaving your computer at a coffee shop. We’re fairly conscientious about backing up information on our own personal computers, but with Dedoose you don’t even need to think about it. Lots of top level data security officers from research institutions around the world have taken a very close look at all aspects of Dedoose security. After all their scrutiny, the final report has always been a resounding, ‘Nice Job!’


Core to Dedoose’s soul, we like to work with others and support others working in teams. Our moms told us it’s nice to share, so we thought it would be nice to help others do the same in the safe and natively collaborative Dedoose environment. The crossing of disciplinary boundaries and the building of collaborations in research is increasing with tremendous speed. Hey, who’s to argue with the idea that approaching a research problem with multiple minds and multiple perspectives is a bad idea? We think this evolution in how research is done is fantastic and Dedoose is here to serve. Efficiency in collaboration is one of the key drivers behind the development of Dedoose and why you’ll find it so easy to provide others with access to your project and to control their levels of access so you can keep your data safe and still allow team members to do the work for which they are responsible. Finally, Dedoose is always evolving so we can be ready to serve all the fresh great ideas emerging from the research community.

Advanced Technology

Come on! We are in the age of the Internet…Group hug! Carving in stone was a start, paper, pens, and pencils (even colored pencils..yee haw!), printing presses, typewriters, and then digitization…Awesome. Traditional qualitative data analysis software was a nice step in helping anthropologists, and others employing more purely qualitative methods, think about letting go of their paper, squiggly lines, margin notes, and stickies to do their work more efficiently. Yet, take a quick look around and you’ll see everyone eying the cloud as the place to be now. Well, we think so too and we’ve been here since 2006 pioneering new technologies on a regular basis and the weather forecast is looking beautiful!

Real Science

We claim Dedoose is built ‘By Researchers, For Researchers.’ What’s that about? Mission Driven—fundamental to our mission as educators is to carryout and support research that contributes to the development of knowledge. Being able to do this work more efficiently and effectively is why we developed Dedoose to begin with. Our founders have made their careers in the trenches of top-level academic social science research and have publication records to back it up. Great Research—systematic and rigorously applied methods is what produces the knowledge we rely on to advance all areas of the sciences and we take this very seriously. We understand what people are trying to do and what they need because we too are in the field conducting and supporting top-rate social science research. Everything about Dedoose is focused on increasing efficiency in Great Research and living up to all the standards we hold dear as scientists.


The Old Model = high up-front costs, upgrades (worries about backward compatibility…yikes!), maintenance, and expensive workshops to figure it all out?…Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching!…at Dedoose we say, ‘Forget About It!’.  The New Model = Low monthly subscription fees is all that’s required to access all Dedoose services.  One simple fee from start to end, all things Dedoose, all the time, and not limited trial teasers or some ‘light’ version to suck you in.  This is the beauty of where all software is going, service models not licenses—the Cloud—and we are already here and ready to serve you.  Another beauty of software as a service (SaaS) is that we can develop and deploy new features very rapidly with never a burden on you.  What do you need to do to get your hands on something new that we’ve brought to Dedoose?  Nothing.  Log in and happily Dedoose away with the latest at your finger tips every time you work.  We are helping take research into new territory with our evolving technologies and we’re happy to be taking you with us.


Dedoose pricing varies depending on the size of your group—please see below for rates. Also note that for all users (regardless of group size) the first month cycle of use is free. Dedoose 'month' cycles run from the account's creation date until the same day of the following month (e.g. May 6th to June 6th)—not calendar months.

  • Individual STUDENT RATE is $10.95 per month. Contact us to receive your discount.
  • For INDIVIDUAL and SMALL GROUP ACCOUNTS, monthly charges are only applied for those users who actively log into Dedoose.
  • All accounts are entitled to a 10% DISCOUNT when paying in 6-month intervals and a 15% discount when paying annually.

Monthly Cost Per User



STUDENT RATE is $10.95 per month



(2 - 5 Users)



(6+ Users)


Additional Privacy Features/Packages


Dedoose services employ the highest standards of data encryption and protection available for web-based applications. However, we understand that users in highly regulated areas of work, or those working in countries where unique concerns exist, may be required to take additional privacy or data security measures when using Dedoose. Under any such circumstances we can assist in two ways and you can feel free to contact us for more detail.


Project Specific Encryption


Implementing this project level security feature does not change anything about Dedoose being a fully cloud-based solution, but it adds another layer of encryption for deeper data privacy where exceptional sensitivities may exist. This feature is particularly helpful to our users working in healthcare or other areas where data privacy requirements imposed by organizational, institutional, or funding agency policies are exceptional. There is no additional cost for this premium feature and simply activated when creating a new project in Dedoose.


Enterprise Packages


This option is best suited for larger groups who desire or demand that their data be stored on their own servers, or who wish to have all Dedoose services be deployed on a local and closed network.

Deploying any of these packages requires a minimum three-year commitment and a one-time set up fee. The nature and complexity of these enterprise packages vary depending on the needs of the particular institution or organization.  Costs are based on the number of users and start at the equivalent of 500 subscribed users. These packages are purchased annually and include a dedicated account manager and 5 hours of consulting with our CEO, Dr. Eli Lieber.