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Article: New Features in Dedoose 8: Filtering Via the Excerpts Tab Page

Dedoose 8 Features Miniblogs: Filtering via the Excerpts tab

Hi Dedoosers, with Dedoose 8 we are launching a new set of blogs to both introduce new features and show you how to make the most of them. Our first blog will focus on the unsung hero feature of the update, creating a data set from the Excerpts tab.

When clicking on the Excerpts tab this after update, you will notice three new buttons on the bottom right of the panel:

new data set controls

More savvy users will recognize these buttons from the Chart Selection Reviewers that appear when inspecting any chart in the Analyze tab or a code from your code list. These buttons allow you to create data set filters without having to enter the Data Set Workspace. But if these buttons were already in Dedoose, why are they such a game changer now?

Well, these sets in the Excerpts tab are not based on the set of excerpts you have open, rather they are based on what is checked. This means that you can filter down to the specific excerpts of interest based on any criteria and create complex filters like never before. Let’s do a quick example to demonstrate this:

Analyzing a term or set of terms in your data set. That’s right, you can now analyze excerpts that have a term or set of terms in them.

  1. Click the Excerpts tab

  2. Click “Search excerpts…”

  3. Type your first term of interest

  4. You will see your excerpts narrow to those that include the term

  5. Click Select All

  6. Repeat 2-5 for each term you are interested in

  7. Once you are satisfied with your set, click Make Set on the bottom right

From here, you will see the Data Set tab turn red and all of your charts will only include data from those excerpts that you had selected:

filtered data analysis

Analyses like these, made by selecting specific excerpts in the Excerpts Workspace (maybe you are interested in analyzing by excerpt length, code count, or just a particularly interesting set of unrelated excerpts), and much more are now possible due to this seemingly small feature upgrade. Now imagine what you’ll be able to do with features like full PDF support, new charts, upgrades to our existing charts, and more. Stay tuned for our next blog about Dedoose 8, coming soon!