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Article: New Features in Dedoose 8: Descriptor Auto Link!

12/21/2017 Looking to speed up linking descriptors to your media? Dedoose has you covered! Now with version 8 is the new Auto Link button at the bottom of the Descriptors tab. Using Auto Link will take the title of your media and link it with any descriptor that matches in a field of your choosing.

Let’s do a quick example!

  1. Make sure you have a descriptor field that has your media titles in it (Note: The names will have to match perfectly, but ordering will not matter as in the example below):

    Click the "Descriptors" Tab

  2. Click the Descriptors tab

    Click the "Descriptors" Tab

  3. Click Auto Link

    Click the "Auto Link" Button

  4. Select the field with your document titles in it

    Select the Field with your Document Titles

  5. Click Continue

    Click "Yes" to Autolink Codes

  6. And that is it, your media will be auto linked.

    Success - Operation Complete Popup

    This is just one more new feature in version 8 that makes using Dedoose simpler, faster and more efficient. Stay tuned as we continue our mini-blog series on all the different ways Dedoose is improving as we finalize our next update.