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Article: Complete PDF Support Here in Version 8

Dedoose 8 is officially here , and we couldn’t be more excited! Of course, as with every new version, we have a whole host of excellent new features to help make your work easier. One of the biggest improvements with Dedoose 8 is how we import and code PDF’s. Prior versions would accept a PDF as either an image, or a document, but not both. Those days are gone, with Dedoose 8, PDF’s can simply be uploaded like any other media. Once imported you will have the option to code both the text and the images in your PDF without the hassle of copying or converting to another file format. Let’s take a closer look and go over the steps involved in importing and working with a PDF;

Click Home


Click Import Data


Click Import PDF (notice, there is no longer a prompt to choose text-based or image-based)

Locate your PDF file (or files) on your local computer and click Open to upload

Open a PDF file you wish to excerpt just like accessing other media in Dedoose


Pay special attention to the added options in the document viewer for PDF’s


By selecting text, you can highlight and code the text portions of the PDF, as you would with text in any other document. By selecting image, you can code any portion of the PDF, as you would with a region in any other image.


Our awesome Tech Team has been working nonstop to bring Dedoose 8 to you as soon as possible, and we are confident you’ll be loving all the new features and functions coming with it. Keep an eye on our blog and newsletter to get more news and updates as we approach the release of Dedoose 8.