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Article: Coding on the Go

Hi researchers, we’ve heard plenty of you are interested in using Dedoose but are unable to use Dedoose given limited internet connectivity or you would like to do some coding offline and import it into Dedoose. For the foreseeable future, Dedoose will remain an exclusively online application but today we are hitting you with an alternative to doing your coding in Dedoose. With "As many of you may know, projects can be migrated from other software packages into Dedoose using the QDPX format. This allows you to bring your project into Dedoose and keep your current work.

Today, we'll be going over the using our Excel migration tool to bring coding into Dedoose. Please note, this is only for bringing in coding from Excel, NOT for migrating an entire project into Dedoose. The Excel migration tool allows us to import coding into Dedoose as long as the Excel file has the excerpt information and you have the accompanying documents. Given these pieces, our Tech Team is able to create a project in the system with the coded information. The best part is: you don’t have to get the Excel file from another qualitative data analysis software, you can generate this manually! This means you can create excerpts outside of Dedoose (in that Excel file) and then have them imported into Dedoose. Coding on an airplane, here we come!

To do this, we will need to title a few columns in our Excel file first:
1. Name the first column “Document Title”
2. Name the second “Username”
3. Name the third “Excerpt Text”
4. Name the fourth “Codes”

From there:
1. Open a document
2. Input the document title under the “Document Title”
3. Copy the text for an excerpt you’d like to create
4. Paste the text into the cell under the “Excerpt Text” column
5. Type the codes you’d like to apply into the “Codes” column, separated by commas 6. Repeat for each document and excerpt


Once you finish this, you’ll have a file populated with all of your excerpts. Put that Excel file along with the source documents into a zip file and send that to with the username and title of the project that should be created.



Just another article from the friendly support staff at Dedoose, tell us what you think! Knowledge is power and we built our application knowing we don’t know everything, yet. Ours users are the driving force in the improvements we make and our road map for going forward. ‘By researchers, for Researchers’ wouldn’t mean much if we didn’t want to hear what you, the researchers, think! We welcome any comments, suggestions or questions here at support, go ahead and forward your thoughts to