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What Is Quantitative Research?


What is quantitative research?

As opposed to the broad-based, open-ended approach of qualitative research, the fundamental purpose of quantitative research is to seek specific answers to specific questions. The prototypical quantitative research project is a survey or measurement via a set of tests related to a particular phenomenon of interest. Quantitative research is an empirical approach that utilizes statistics to generate conclusions and is sometimes referred to as logical positivism. Find out more about quantitative research in our complete article here.

How can Dedoose help you with your quantitative research project?

The right tool for analyzing the results of a quantitative research program is a dedicated statistical software package, the best known of which is IBM’s SPSS.

Dedoose is not a replacement for such an application. Instead, Dedoose is the ideal choice for bringing together both your quantitative and qualitative results into a more comprehensive and powerful mixed-methods study. Employing Dedoose to integrate the findings from quantitative research with those from qualitative research enables researchers to tackle questions from perspectives that are not possible from just one or the other. Dedoose gives you the best of both worlds: the cost-effective simplicity of a quantitative research program and the in-depth insight of a qualitative research approach, all wrapped up in a state-of-the-art web application.