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What Is Mixed Methods Research?


What Is mixed methods research?

The essential goal of mixed methods research is to tackle a given research question from any relevant angle, making use where appropriate of previous research and/or more than one type of investigative perspective.

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How can Dedoose help you with your mixed methods research project?

Dedoose mixed methods research software is the only application designed from the get-go to do true mixed methods research. Simply put, you can work with data from virtually any source – from text, audio and video files to Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and Access databases to Survey Monkey and other internet apps – on virtually any platform – from Windows, Mac OS and Linux to iOS and Android – to analyze and report on virtually any people-related research challenge. Dedoose is remarkably easy to learn, truly seamless to collaborate with and astonishingly inexpensive to operate for individuals or collaborative research teams. Interactive data visualizations draw both on the excerpting and coding techniques of qualitative research data and on their relations to survey, demographic, and test data collected from the same research participants. And making use of the code weight/rating system adds an entirely new dimension to your project data. Basically, all Dedoose analytics are designed to support efficient exploration of patterns in the data, quickly drill down to understand the underlying richness, and then export your findings for immediate use in presentations, manuscripts, and reports.

Dedoose’s creators, Drs. Eli Lieber and Tom Weisner, are both internationally recognized experts in the theoretical and practical applications of mixed methods research, so you know that Dedoose really is “for researchers, by researchers”.