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Conducting a Qualitative Data Analysis in Dedoose: Top 5 Time-Saving Tips for New Users


In an effort to better educate brand new users on best practices we asked our user community to share things they wished they would have known when they first started their qualitative data analysis or mixed methods research projects in Dedoose. We ranked and compiled the various tips, tricks, and lessons learned into the list below. Happily, many of the frequently listed items were tips users learned from this very blog! We have links to additional blog posts and outside resources such as our video tutorials and user guide as needed. Thank you to all who shared their stories on Facebook and Twitter, or emailed us with suggestions. Everyone, enjoy!


Check out our 5 tips in our article here!!


What do you wish you would have known when starting out in Dedoose? Leave a comment below even if you are a new user in the free trial. The feedback is very useful! We are always working to improve Dedoose and all Dedoose supports!