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Survey Underway on the Use of Technology Use in Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research


Hi Everyone,

We've been invited to help spread the word on a survey looking at the use of technology in qualitative and mixed methods research.  The investigation is exploring issues close to our Dedoose hearts and so we are reaching out to see if we can help make this a successful project.  A few of us have taken the survey and find it extremely interesting and thought provoking.

Please consider a part of this important study!

Here is everything you'll need to know...and all posted on behalf of Dr. Michelle Salmona.

Dr. Michelle Salmona (Australian National University) is seeking survey participants to help with her research, and you are now invited to participate in this study which is trying to better understand how researchers use technology in their qualitative or mixed methods research and data analysis. Please feel free to share this survey link with your colleagues to ensure a well-rounded sample of researchers. Estimated time for completion is 15-20 minutes (time will vary depending on your responses).

Please note that every response is important and it would be wonderful if you would please take the time to help by contributing your thoughts on this issue. Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary and anonymous. The full participant information sheet can be accessed when taking the survey.

Please use this link to complete the survey:

Queries and Concerns: For any additional information or to have any questions answered, please contact: Dr. Michelle Salmona RSFAS, College of Business & Economics Australian National University E-mail: [email protected]

Ethics Committee Clearance: The ethical aspects of this research have been approved by the ANU Human Research Ethics Committee.  If you have any concerns or complaints about how this research has been conducted, please contact: Ethics Manager The ANU Human Research Ethics Committee The Australian National University Telephone: +61 2 6125 3427 Email: [email protected]