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RESCHEDULED: Dedoose Service Interruption - NOW Friday, Sept. 13th

RESCHEDULED: Dedoose Service Interruption--
Friday, Sept. 13th 
at 10pm to Saturday, Sept.14th at 2pm PST
Due to unforeseen circumstances outside our control we have to push this migration back one week. We truly apologize for any inconvenience this rescheduling may cause. 
We will send a reminder email next Friday regarding this migration. Please contact us with questions at [email protected]. And for those who did not read our initial announcement on this cloud migration please see below.


We're Moving on Up-Dedoose Services are Migrating to the Microsoft Azure Cloud Network!

This year has brought tremendous and rapid growth here at Dedoose. We are so grateful for the trust and activity of our user community. As a user in your trial, we welcome you to this community.


Dedoose Offline 9-13-13


This growth has meant incredible increases in the amount of data pouring into Dedoose, and we've approached some of the known limitations of our current system. For some users this has caused occasional short service interruptions and performance sluggishness over the last couple of months. We are well aware that to best serve all our users as we grow, and avoid any inconvenience, we need to be able to scale our storage and service capabilities faster and more efficiently.

That's why for the last 9 months our tech team has been working day and night on the biggest technological upgrade Dedoose has experienced to date. Through these months of hard work, innovation, and invention, our team has created a custom built cloud deployment that will result in Dedoose being faster than ever and, most importantly, will allow us to scale our storage and service capabilities... infinitely and instantly. In short, Dedoose is moving to the Microsoft Azure Network-the most powerful cloud network ever created.

Yep, Dedoose will soon be more tech-forward than any standard web app and we are going to make it happen the night of Friday, September 13th, starting around 10pm PST.

Taking Dedoose Offline:

For some things, there is just never a great time to have them happen and our apologies up front for any inconvenience this down-time may cause. As a new user, we'd like you to know that these service interruptions are rare but vitally important to offering you the best service possible. Being a global service run from sunny (at least today) Southern California, this time frame is when we see lower numbers of active Dedoose users during a typical weekly cycle.  Our timing decision for the move reflects a need to balance the sanity of our team in anticipation of the work to be done and hopes to minimize the impact on the Dedoose user community.  We hope that this early notice (and there will be others to come) will allow all of you to plan your research activities accordingly.

Again, Dedoose will be offline on Friday, September 13th, 2013, for approximately 16 hours starting around 10pm. We will send all users an email when Dedoose is back online as well as notify our user community via our FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Your Data are Safe and Secure

This upgrade is the largest and most complex to date and we are taking this all with the utmost seriousness and care. In preparation for the move we've gone through weeks of testing and taken exceptional measures to store and secure data.  As always, before any upgrade, projects will be backed up and secured in fully synchronized and mirrored files to ensure that everything will properly link up for you when Dedoose goes live again.

Here For You!

Should there be a change to this service interruption schedule, we will email you. Finally, we are happy to answer any questions that you have on this migration at anytime, so feel free to reach us via email at [email protected].

Yours in the world of great research,

Eli, Jason, KC, Alina, and the rest of the Dedoose Team


Data Security is Paramount