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Qualitative Research Saves Christmas (and other holidays too)


Qualitative research and the holiday season come together at last

Almost everyone knows someone who is just terrible at choosing gifts. Come holiday time all reason, along with every bit of style and taste, go right out the window for these sweet and lovely folks. And you end up opening absolutely the WORST presents in the world. If you are anything like the team of qualitative researchers at Dedoose, you open these gifts and think, “Who told this poor person that buying this was a good idea?”

Of course, at this time of year we must remember not to judge the bad gift giver too harshly. We all get stumped from time to time and fall victim to bad gifting. What do you do when the guy that has it all buys his entire gift list himself on Cyber Monday? How can you pick the coolest present for your 3 year old niece, when she knows every toy like she’s following Mattel on Twitter?

If only you could use qualitative research to lead you to the holiday answers!

Qualitative research saves the (holi)day…

A Very Qualitative Christmas

This holiday season, U.K. based marketing and digital firm, DARE asked clients and friends alike to submit Christmas gift ideas about which they were having second thoughts. In their words, they are “taking the Yuletide pressure off by putting Christmas gift ideas into focus group testing.” In their words they are, “verifying Christmas spirit efficiency.” Of course, the outcomes may be applied to other holidays too.

The best part is that they are not keeping the results of their qualitative research to themselves. They have put all their focus group videos online, broken down by gift idea at

Not sure if red pants for men are cool or too brazen? The focus group will tell you. Not sure if buying your adult brother a ‘Forever Lazy’ Snuggie is cute or annoying? The focus group will tell you. Is it too soon to buy your new boyfriend an animal sweater that identically matches yours? You guessed it…the focus group will tell you.


Only you can prevent bad gifting

So, this holiday season, think about all those people that might need some extra help as they rush out to buy last minute gifts and share with them the gift of qualitative research. The link to these focus group videos are on the Dedoose Facebook page so they are easy to share with everyone you know.

Think about it. This qualitative research may just help that crusader of lime green jeans see the light and buy you a gift card instead. Or help the purchaser of the Disney Trivial Pursuit game from 1979 see that perhaps a newer edition would be the better choice. Don’t let your friends or family buy you, or anyone else, a sweater that feels like the sheep is still attached! Urge them to conduct qualitative research this holiday season.

Happy Dedoosing to all, and to all a good night!