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Want to teach Dedoose in your class?

Dedoose can be used effectively in the classroom for both introductory and advanced qualitative and mixed methods courses. Check this out for some tips and recommendations.

Dedoose Account Billing Cycles--What's it All About?

How Dedoose billing takes place. Dedoose is a great value and an important aspect of how this happens is related to how your account is charged. Here is an overview to help you appreciate all the mechanisms.

Great New Things Dedoose You Need to Know Now!

Some heavy lifting by our tech team over the past few months has delivered in this great new release. Most important is a full memo system update and retro-active up-coding is online!

2015 Dedoose Reminders to Keep Your Qualitative and Mixed Methods Work Rolling Along

Reminders about the terrific survey importer, quick code widget and a variety of guidance on examining inter-rater reliability in Dedoose. All great stuff for qualitative and mixed methods research and evaluation data analysis.

What in the World is a Descriptor?

We discuss the importance of descriptors and the crucial role they play in qualitative, quantitative and mixed method data analysis. Descriptors are the terms and phrases you will use in Dedoose to map out your research data in an easy to follow design.

What's New, Dedoose? ....PDFs?!

Dedoose is happy to introduce the integration of PDF documents into our cloud-based platform! PDFs are a securable, compact and self-contained document that are fast becoming an industry standard, and are commonly seen and used in qualitative and quantitative analysis. Don't waste time converting your documents, upload and import your PDFs into a manageable and editable form, and get your data analysis moving!

Dedoose Fall 2014 Update--Great New Features to Enjoy

So what has your favorite data analysis software provider been up to in regards to new updates lately? Well, we've implemented a couple of performance enhancements, most notably in our import and iconography engines, but we think one new feature will specifically make Dedoose stand out a little more in the research app field.. But you'll have to keep reading to hear what it is!

Teaching a Class and want to use Dedoose?

We all know Dedoose is a top-tier data analysis app, but did you know it also happens to shine as a social sciences teaching tool? The same intuitive design that makes Dedoose a powerful yet easy to learn software for data analysis can be used to comfortably introduce your students to the world of qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods data analysis! Here's some hints and ideas that might help you out along the way..

Have you heard of the Quick Code Widget?!?

Enjoy saving time? We take a moment to highlight a not-so-secret feature that is can easily be overlooked, but is indispensable as a time-saver when processing data or transcribing video and audio - The Quick Code Widget! Read more to learn how you can save tons of time during your survey analysis, because who doesn't appreciate free time?

New Data and Project Backup Features Enhance the Dedoose Qualitative Data Analysis Software Platform

Data plays a crucial role in your research methodology - without your data, you have nothing! We understand the importance of not only keeping your data intact, but also in the amount of time you have invested into analyzing and preparing your project. We've updated our backup technology to ensure that your data is safe for years to come! During the overhaul we also snuck a couple other features into the most recent build - want to find out more? Read on!
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