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Announcing the NEW and IMPROVED Dedoose Android App


Android App re-built

Dedoose in the Android Store

As with all aspects of Dedoose, we are constantly improving around the needs of our community.  Last year we launched our first ever Android App.  Its success was unfortunately, short lived.  Despite year long efforts to improve this app based on user feedback in the forum and via email, we found that number of issues snowballed.

Frankly, you deserve better from us.

So, we threw the app out.  We created a new Android App from the ground up.  One that is faster, stronger, and more adaptable to the ever changing Android market.  And, of course it is FREE.

After two weeks of testing, we are happy to announce that this completely rebuilt Android App is ready for you!  You can install this app from the Android Market today and start Dedoosing on-the-go right away.

A couple notes on the new Android App.

This version is a port of the Dedoose web application and is intended to be a convenient mobile companion—but not a replacement for the web/desktop version of Dedoose.   While feature complete, a fairly powerful Android tablet device is required for a solid performance experience and we’d recommend nothing smaller than a 9 inch screen.   However, this application will let you access your project data, charts, and more and all remotely.

If you like the app, feel free to write a review on the Android Market.  If you have suggestions let us know via the Suggestions Forum or via email at [email protected]

….What about the iPad?

We could hear you thinking that question… While we have plans to develop a stand-alone iPad app, we do not have an estimated production date at this time.  We suggest using the Photon App until our app is ready.  Photon is basically another browser for the iPad that can run Flash content. Photon is $4.99 and appears to work very well with Dedoose over wifi.  We use it all the time and have heard rave reviews from many users.

Here's a link to information on Photon:

Happy Mobile Dedoosing!