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Great Qualitative Research On Your iPad!


Do you love your iPad? Its ease of use? Its intuitive interface? Its elegant blend of functionality and portability? We know we sure love ours.

Did you know that your iPad is a wonderful way to do cutting edge, field-ready mixed methods and qualitative research? That, in tandem with Dedoose, you can use it to do unobtrusive data collection, seamless imports and exports, efficient excerpting, and on the spot qualitative and quantitative analysis?

If you want your iPad to deliver all of Dedoose’s state of the art benefits, just as desktop or laptop does, it’s a piece of cake. All you need to do is to install the Appsverse Photon Flash Video Player & Private Web Browser for iPad, currently available at Apple’s App Store for $4.99.

When you launch Dedoose from within Photon, it works like a dream, with complete access to the latest and greatest Dedoose features. As an added bonus, the Photon browser gives access to all of the other Flash-based applications and content on the web.

At Dedoose, we’re dedicated to making true cross-platform mixed methods and qualitative research a reality, and the iPad is one of the favorite tools in our toolbox. If it’s one of yours too, then Dedoose is your obvious choice.