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Dedoose Workshop at UCSB: Intro to Using Dedoose for Your Qualitative Data Analysis or Mixed Methods Project


As some of you may know from seeing our pictures on Facebook, we are often jet-setting around the country holding workshops for our users so they can make the most of their qualitative data analysis or mixed methods research. This last week was no exception as we took the beautiful scenic route from Hermosa Beach, up the California coast to beautiful UCSB Graduate School of Education campus in Santa Barbara. UCSB has graciously shared the screen capture video from the introductory session and we thought it might be useful for some of you new users just starting out. While this session was specific to the needs of the event, we wanted to make sure we listed it as a resource just in case.

Click on the image below to view the screen capture video:



A screenshot of the UCSB Presentation.

Click on the picture to access the video of our presentation in UCSB!

A special thank you

We would like to once again thank the very lovely and very dedicated  Hilary Dwyer for all her hard work making this workshop a reality. We are lucky to have you as a user Hilary!

Come to your campus? Yes please!

If you would like to bring us to your campus or company, contact us at [email protected] for more details on cost and availability. We would love to meet you and help you better maximize the benefits of Dedoose.


If you brought us to your campus for an introductory workshop what would you want us to cover? What about for an advanced workshop? Leave us a comment with your ideas.