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Announcing Dedoose Version 4.12!


So much awesomeness to share this week in the world of qualitative and mixed method research in Dedoose, so will try to keep it short and sweet….so very sweet!  A bunch of user requested features have been added, thanks as always for your ideas and patience, and more.

First, you’ll quickly notice a brand new Dedoose User Interface when you log into Dedoose this week.  Check the new color scheme, header, and cleaner Dedoose Main Menu Bar.  Lots going on in the header, so from left to right:New Project Header

  • Your project title (‘Emergent Literacy Dedoose Demo’ in this example)
  • Logout button—long awaited, so thanks for your patience while we figured where best to put it
  • Pin for Header—this is a fun, easy, and functional way to clean your workspace and grab more landscape.  Click to un-pin and you’ll see the header slide away as you work in Dedoose.  Bring your cursor back to the top of the screen to slide it into view only when you need it
  • Volume control for any of you awesome Dedoosers who work with video or audio in your research
  • Task indicator showing how many tasks are running in the background (as when newly uploaded video or audio is being processed)—click it to see what’s going on
  • Active users icon showing how many members on your team are currently in the project (this and the next few used to be in the footer, which you’ll notice is now gone)
  • Messages icon to activate the Dedoose chat feature so you can communicate with active team users
  • Help Center icon
  • Reload, so if you are working concurrently with others and want to be sure your data view is perfectly synchronized at a particular moment, just reload.

Up-CodingTHIS IS IMPORTANT—check the new icon in the code tree panel.  When on (and this will stay on in a project once you activate it), applying a child code any and all parent, grandparent, … codes will automatically be applied as well.  Huge time saver and will afford you more flexibility with some Dedoose analytic features.

Beautiful Main Menu Bar Revamp – A new ordering of Main Menu Bar buttons based on user feedback and you’ll see that the Account Workspace is now accessed via the header link.

Chart Smart Tips—float over the question mark in the header of any chart and see a brief explanation of what you are working with.

New Dedoose Chart Visuals

NEW CHARTS—4 incredible additions based on user feature requests…thanks and, as always keep ‘em coming.

A happy call out to Dana Watnik and Sara Goldrick-Rab for nudging us to get some of these implemented.

  • Wordle-like Code Chart (aka ‘Packed Code Cloud)—Replacing the 3D Code Cloud on the Home Dashboard, but don’t worry, the 3D Code Cloud is still available in the Analyze Workspace if you want to use it.  This you just have to play with to appreciate.  Fully functional in terms of pulling associated excerpts up with a click and fully exportable as a PDF (which was a shortcoming of the 3D Code Cloud).  Size and centrality of codes maps to frequency of use.  Controls for color scheme, tightness of layout (fast is looser), adjust general direction of codes, and ‘Redraw’ until you get a view you like….so much fun you can kill time playing with it like the black hole of time Facebook can be—though please do ‘like’ us on Facebook
    New Dedoose Word Cloud
  • Code Present/Absent—Table displaying where each code has been used at least once in each media file
  • Descriptor x Code Count Table—Table showing the frequency of excepts from each descriptor fields’ sub-groups to which each code has been applied
  • Descriptor Code Case Count Table— Table showing frequency of cases in each descriptor fields’ sub-groups where each code has been applied at least once

Well, that’s the latest.  Welcome to Dedoose version 4.12 and we were so happy to deliver on the eve of our 8th Birthday.

Cheers and keep on Dedoosing!