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Summer Referral Promotion - Refer a Friend, Get $10


Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 3.47.42 PM ANNOUNCING: 


Dedoose has been growing like crazy this past year.  But, it is not because we are advertising on billboards around the country or shooting TV spots for the Super Bowl. Our growth has been fueled primarily by referrals. Our users are referring Dedoose to friends and colleagues around the world. We are equally humbled and flattered by this compliment. We believe it is time we say thank you with a promotion that will reward our users for their referrals.

So what is the promotion?

Glad you asked….From June 25th until July 31st, 2013 we will be running a REFERRAL PROMOTION meaning....

Earn $10 Referring Users to Dedoose

There is no limit on the number of friends, colleagues, or student advisees you can refer, but do keep in mind that this promotion is for individual users, and not for groups. This promotion is not meant for organizations applying for a site license or professors that make Dedoose mandatory in their classrooms. That said, if you are looking to sign up your school, or you are thinking of bringing Dedoose into the classroom let us know by emailing [email protected]. We can help! And, we may even be able to offer an online training free of charge (value ranging from $500 to $1500).

The details:

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you walk your friends, colleagues, and student advises through the process…so you can get rewarded for your referrals!

Step 1: Tell your friends or colleagues to start their free trial with Dedoose. Here is the link to send to those interested in signing up

 Step 2: Tell your friends or colleagues to list your name in the ‘Comments/Name of person who referred you’ box on the sign up page.  This is important, or we will not know who to thank!

Step 3: If your friends like Dedoose and believe it will be helpful to them and their research, tell them to sign up for six months of service or more by the 31st of July.

How to purchase six months of service: Users can pay directly through their Account Workspace. Users should go to the Account Workspace and select ‘six months’ or ‘one year’ from the drop down menu on the right of the payment window.

Step 4: Reap your rewards for referring your friends and colleagues to our tool if they decide we are what they want and need.  We will send you our ‘thank you’ via PayPal by August 30th.

So, if you have someone that you think might benefit from using Dedoose, let them know and reap the rewards of being a wonderful friend. :)