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Dedoose Mixed Methods And Qualitative Research Software Version 4.0


Hey all, as of midnight 1/31/2012 Dedoose video support will be live!

Sorry for the 8 hour time warp as suggested by the title and based on the timing of this post, but we needed this up for other a good night's sleep.

In any case, the culmination of perhaps our tech team’s most daunting task to date has arrived and works beautifully.  It is almost impossible to describe the challenges involved in providing a web-based, interactive, functional, and rapid-response system for excerpting, coding, analyzing, and retrieving video in Dedoose.  A path navigated with incredible creativity, determination, and innovation has been traveled and we are delighted to put the results into the hands of Dedoose users.  You just have to see it to believe it, and you can now in our video tutorial video (sorry, couldn’t resist) that was just posted on YouTube (click here).

If you are already familiar with Dedoose functionality and features, there is surprisingly little to say except that you can essentially now do with video media everything you’ve been doing with textual media.  Via the intuitive video viewer interface, you can quickly move throughout the video time-line, play portions, create and code any number of video excerpts, memo, link to descriptors, …  As for analysis, the video excerpts are represented, reviewed, re-coded, and viewed in context via the same mechanisms as textual excerpts.

Since we were hoping for an early January release for video support, we truly appreciate your patience on the timing.  If you missed our December newsletter, the major migration to our new server home was huge and truly necessary for the infrastructure that has been put in place to accommodate the video support.  For the first time in our 13 year history, Dedoose (previously EthnoNotes) services were fully off-line as the team worked frantically to navigate the migration and assure all the details were in place.  As anticipated, the result is a tremendously stronger and broader foundation for delivering the current Dedoose services, enhancing system performance, and for our future feature and user-base expansion.  Finally, to follow in short time will be support for independent audio resources and then fully integrated and linked transcripts for video and audio and enhanced analysis features for these new media.

As always, please feel free to keep sending comments and suggestions to us at [email protected].  We are greatly encouraged by regular and positive user feedback and all requests for new and enhanced features are given serious consideration.

Cheers for now,

Eli, Jason and Team Dedoose