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Dedoose at the International Congress for Qualitative Inquiry


Dedoose CEO & Founder Eli Lieber Speaks at International Congress for Qualitative Inquiry May 15th, 2013 University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Our CEO and founder, Eli Lieber, has been asked to speak at the International Congress for Qualitative Inquiry! This is the only conference this summer on mixed methods research. As pioneers of this exciting new branch of research, we are so honored to have a part in it.

The Meeting

On May 15th, the Congress will be holding a “Mixed Methods Day” where mixed methods scholars from all around the world will come together and speak about this exciting new branch of research. Eli will be speaking on the Invited Panel about “Mixed Methods in Psychology and the Health Sciences,” which will bring the latest thinking about psychology, health sciences and mixed methods to the audience. Sitting on the panel with Eli will be a group of highly esteemed researchers with a diverse background of experience to share from.

Speakers on the Panel

Eli Lieber, University of California Los Angeles Our very own Eli will be speaking about his paper, “The EFI (Eco-cultural Family Interview) and Dedoose: Methods for capturing complex mixed methods data and tools for their integration and analysis.” This study about the impacts of home literacy environments on emergent literacy development is a perfect illustration of Dedoose’s capabilities as a mixed methods research tool. Mixed methods research requires large amounts of data that is difficult to manage, and we believe that a tool such as Dedoose is an integral part of conducting mixed methods research effectively. That is, after all, why we created it!

Jennifer Wisdom, George Washington University Ms. Wisdom will be speaking about her paper on maximizing productivity on mixed methods studies in health sciences.

Theresa Betancourt, Harvard University Ms. Betancourt will be speaking about her paper on using mixed methods to develop mental health assessments and interventions for children and families facing adversity globally. Her talk and her paper focus on research in Rwanda as an example of these global issues.

Debra S. Burns, Indiana University Purdue University Ms. Burns will speak about her paper on reverse translation. She will talk about how she uses mixed methods to study the current outcomes of music therapy clinical practice and hospice.

It’s shaping up to be a great day filled with a wide array of insights about mixed methods studies and practices. If you are going to be at ICQI, be sure to stop by the Plenary Session II: Health and Psychological Studies in Mixed Methods at 2:45pm on Wednesday, May 15th, to hear all about these esteemed researchers’ experiences with mixed methods!

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