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3 Mixed Methods Approaches to Consider For Your Qualitative Data Analysis


Dedoose Descriptors Options The concept of mixed methods has begun to take root around the world.  There are arguments on both the qualitative and the quantitative side of the aisle when it comes to mixed methods, so we recommend that you check it out for yourself by looking to incorporate a few mixed method approaches into your project.

At Dedoose, we are unabashedly enthusiastic supporters of mixed methods. But, we know it might not be right for everyone. So, we have highlighted three things you can do in your project today that will help you explore if mixed methods can be valuable to you. These ideas include: adding a scale system to one of your codes, tracking demographic information for your participants, and using graphs to focus on code applications across sub-groups to discover new and, perhaps, hidden patterns. Check these out on our article here.


What are your biggest challenges when it comes to implementing mixed methods? Fears? Excitement? Let us know in the comment field below! We are always listening to our awesome users, so the more you share, the more we learn, and the better help we can offer.;